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Roulette EC (Effortless Casino) transforms your roulette gameplay with powerful analytics and intuitive charts. Get instant access to key statistics and betting insights right at your fingertips.

About Us

Welcome to Roulette EC

Roulette EC (Effortless Casino) is your trusted companion in the game of roulette. Our app leverages cutting-edge analytical technology to provide roulette enthusiasts with in-depth statistics and intuitive charts for an unprecedented gaming experience.


Customizable Alert System

Based on user habits and preferences, we provide personalized real-time notifications for everything from unseen numbers to various betting areas.

Comprehensive Analytical Tools

From hot numbers to cold numbers and the betting area proportions, we offer a complete range of analysis results, including heat maps and a spread roulette view.

Smart Betting Tools

Combining the classic Fibonacci betting system with French bets, our betting tools are designed to elevate your strategic play.

Multi-Roulette Support

Whether it's a no-zero, single-zero, double-zero, or triple-zero roulette, our app delivers precise analysis for any variation.

Quick Tutorial

Improve your roulette play in three simple steps with Roulette EC.


Input Spins

Enter the numbers from your roulette game as they come up.


Analyze Data

View charts and patterns based on your entered spins.


Place Bets

Use our suggestions to make informed bets.


Discover Roulette EC's Key Features

Input Spins

Log roulette numbers as they come up for analysis.

Alert System

Custom alerts/reminders for key roulette trends.

French Bets

Place traditional French bets with ease.

Betting Table

Select and track your bets effortlessly.


Visual frequency guide using color intensity.


Probability and percentage, organized by rank.


Classifies outcomes by key bet types.

Smart Filter

Optimize bets with Smart Filter insights.


Frequently Asked Questions

On the main screen, you will find a section to input the number from the most recent spin of the roulette wheel. Simply select or type in the outcome number to log it for subsequent analysis.

In the settings menu, you can select the "Roulette Type" option. There, you can choose between "No Zero," "Single Zero," "Double Zero," or "Triple Zero" roulette to match the type of wheel at your casino.

Statistical data is automatically updated after you enter spins numbers and is presented in an intuitive format with charts and heatmaps in the app's analysis section. You can access different statistical views from the main menu to explore more insights.

You can use the "Betting Tools" to keep track of your betting numbers. This feature allows you to select the numbers you want to bet on the digital board and to review and modify them during the game.

"Roulette EC" comes with a Fibonacci betting system to help users adjust their bet amounts based on wins and losses. The system provides a sequence of bets to guide you on how to wager during different stages of the game.

You can set up a variety of alerts in the reminder system, such as for hot and cold numbers, trailing numbers, neighbor numbers, the frequency of Zero occurrences, and other game trends. You will receive local notifications when these events occur.

Currently, "Roulette EC" supports English, Français, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Türkçe, Русский, Português (Brasil), 中文 (简体), and 中文 (繁体) versions. You can switch languages in the app's settings according to your preference.

For the most effective analysis, consistently input spin outcomes as they happen. The more data you provide, the more accurate the statistical analysis and predictions will be. Take advantage of all the tools and reminders to make informed betting decisions.